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S2000 Upgrades

Welcome to S2000upgrades.com a division of Driven By Style LLC. As a result we created this site for Honda S2000 owners to view all the upgrades we have to offer that can bring out the maximum potential from your convertible Honda roadster. For instance our S2000 upgrades include styling and accessories, performance and suspension as well as lighting. Finally we invite you to check out the links below to view items by category or click here for our AP1 and AP2 complete catalogs. In conclusion it is our goal to be your one stop shop for upgrading your Honda S2000.

Body Kits & Aerodynamics

Honda S2000 Body Kits

Shop our wide selection of body kits and aerodynamics. We carry top name brands including Seibon, VIS Racing, Duraflex and more. Additionally we carry a wide range of products including complete body kits, front bumpers, bumper lips, carbon fiber hoods, spoilers and much more. Furthermore we have an experienced staff here that can answer any body kit related questions you may have. As a result we have hundreds of items to make your S2000 stand out from the rest! In other words we have everything you need to make your S2000 unique.

Lighting Upgrades & Replacements

Honda S2000 Lighting

In need of new headlights or tail lights for your S2000? Look no further as we carry aftermarket options that will make your S2000 look brand new again. For instance one of the most abused parts on your vehicle are the plastic light lenses which can degrade over time from UV and road abuse. As a result we have stocked our catalog with headlamp replacements as well as LED tail lights. Above all our lighting upgrades are high quality and can be relied upon for years of service. Finally all lighting we carry is direct fit plug and play for easy installation.

Performance Parts

Looking to add horsepower and torque to bring out maximum performance from your S2000? For instance we carry hundreds of upgrades including cold air intakes, headers, exhaust systems and more. Additionally we also offer fuel system upgrades such as injectors fuel pumps and fuel rails. Finally for customers looking for maximum power we also offer forced induction solutions including superchargers and turbo kits. In conclusion we offer upgrades to suit any budget from small to large.

Suspension & Handling

Honda S2000 Suspension

The S2000 is a great handling vehicle in stock form. Therefore upgrading your S2000 suspension can unleash the potential of a world class sports car.
For this reason we carry a full line of coilovers, lowering springs, control arms and alignment related upgrades to fully dial in your ride height, camber and toe settings. Finally we offer the top brand names out there such as KW Suspension, Megan Racing, Skunk Racing, D2 Racing, Eibach and many more.

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