Honda S2000 Carbon Fiber Hoods

The factory-fitted hoods in Honda S2000 come in metal. Our website offers carbon fiber hoods, which are lighter and stronger than the original OEM metal hoods. Carbon Fiber hoods can be upto 70% lighter than the factory-fitted ones. The carbon fiber hoods on offer on our website conform to the OEM’s size specifications and are guaranteed for fitment. We offer carbon fiber hoods from Seibon Carbon, Carbon Creations and VIS Racing. All these manufacturers offer complete quality assurance and warranty. The right carbon fiber hood protects the engine of the Honda S2000 from the elements and imparts a fresh, new look to your car. Racing enthusiasts love the lighter weight of carbon fiber hoods, which reduces the drag on the S2000’s engine.

Our team of experts is ready to guide you in your purchase. Carbon fiber has many advantages over the traditional metal hoods, but did you also know that carbon fiber is adversely impacted by the UV rays from the sun and carbon fiber hoods need to be coated to protect them – our team can offer you such tips on how to improve the longevity and appearance of the carbon fiber hoods on your Honda S2000. Browse through our catalog to select the right carbon fiber hoods for your S2000. Contact our helpline in case of any queries.