Honda S2000 Rear Bumper Lips

Make heads turn whenever you drive by in your Honda S2000 sports car with our exciting range of rear bumper lips. We offer the widest possible range of customized rear bumper lips for all Honda S2000 models. These stylish rear bumper lips are specially designed to enhance the look and style of your sports car. When offering you a new rear bumper lip, we confirm its structural integrity, quality and fitment.

You can choose from rear bumper lips in carbon fiber, fiberglass and poly-resin plastics like polyurethane. We offer rear bumper lips from reputed manufacturers such as VIS Racing, Carbon Creations and Duraflex. We also offer our own in-house manufactured rear bumper lips. All these Honda S2000 rear bumper lips come at a substantial discount to their MSRP on our website.

Though their installation may vary depending on the car model and manufacturer, most rear bumper lips simply bolt on using the hardware and brackets provided, with a simple nut/washer/bolt mounting. A few models may need body modifications to ensure proper clearance. Rear bumper lips made of Fiberglass may require some body work to achieve perfect gaps and straightness prior to paint.

You can search for the right rear bumper lips for your specific Honda S2000 simply by using the make model year search tag on the top of the page. Or, you can connect with us, and we will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.