Honda S2000 Camber Kits

Premature wear and tear of tires is typical in sports cars such as the Honda S2000. More so, in cases where the vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered, either for better handling at higher speeds, or to improve its aerodynamics. For instance, apart from coilovers and lowering springs, a commonly used technique to lower the car’s height is the use of camber. A camber involves tilting the wheel so that the top of the tire leans into the wheel’s arch. While the advantages of this tilt are obvious, excessive inner tire wear-out is an equally obvious drawback to this. We offer specially designed camber kits on our website to overcome this problem. These camber kits allow your Honda S2000 to drive better and also prevent the inner tires from wearing out.

You can order camber kits from Eibach, Godspeed or SPC from our online store. Simply select the make, model and manufacture year of your Honda S2000, and our website will come up with the best camber kit options for your car. Furthermore, our team is just a phone-call away. In case you need any further assistance in your selection, feel free to connect to us. We have over a decade’s experience in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. All camber kits on our website come with standard manufacturer warranty and an assurance of return/replacement if not satisfied. Our shipping policy covers you with damage insurance during transit. Order the camber kits for your Honda S2000 from our website, and you save money as well – we offer you these camber kits at a discount to their MSRP.